Our senior professionals have built a reputation for bringing integrity, judgment and commercial sense to a process that is often contentious.

Our team has deep global experience in financial and operational restructurings, as well as (where appropriate) the bankruptcy process. We are adept at partnering with our clients to develop and execute turnaround and restructuring strategies that are innovative, sound, and actionable.

Our senior professionals have represented debtors, creditors and equity holders in some of the most complex and contentious restructurings and bankruptcies. Our experience crosses all levels of the “capital stack” and a broad range of industries.

We recognize that some situations are best resolved amicably, and some are more contentious. We use our knowledge and relationships to try to drive cooperative solutions, but we are not afraid to stand firm and fight for the best result, when necessary.

Through hundreds of restructurings over several decades, we have worked with the leading stakeholders and advisors at all levels of the capital stack in out-of-court restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our Restructuring
and Turnaround
Services Include:

  • In-court and out-of-court restructurings

  • Liquidity management and business stabilization

  • Debt reorganization

  • ​Developing and implementing business plans

  • Restructuring planning and implementation

  • Developing and executing turnaround strategies

  • Managing negotiations with stakeholders

  • Financial modeling

  • Expert testimony


Stabilizing a Troubled Company to Maximize Value

A senior M-III Partners professional was retained as a financial advisor and Chief Restructuring Officer by a large independent commercial real estate lender during the 2008-2009 fiscal crisis. After stabilizing the firm’s relationships with the FDIC and properly capitalizing the industrial bank, among other strategic activities, the market value of the company increased by 100%.


Aligning Strategy and Operations to Provide a Platform for Growth

Our senior team identified the primary cause of the decline in the business of a leading builder of manufactured and modular housing and proposed a product realignment and market growth strategy. The resulting inventory replacement program refreshed approximately 60% of their inventory over an 18-month period. Today, the company remains one of the top builders of manufactured and modular buildings in the world.


Managing Costs to Adapt to Changing Economic Conditions

Senior M-III Partners professionals were engaged by one of the largest commercial mortgage-backed securities services in the United States to develop cost reduction and branch rationalization programs. Our team of advisors conducted a review of the company’s operations, identified improvements leading to over $35 million in annual cost reduction opportunities, and designed a 100-day plan for implementing the improvements. After executing our recommendations, our client achieved the anticipated cost reductions within six months.


Managing Risk in Large Investments

Using the prior experience of a member of our senior team, we quickly reviewed the financial performance of a leading Canadian consumer finance company and provided a consortium of potential investors with insights into the risks and opportunities of the business. This enabled the investment team to offer a more competitive investment proposal with less risk.

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